Our identity and our journey

Launch capabilities

The idea of the Media Center for Youth came as one of the outcomes of the first Qatari Youth Forum.

The Media Center for Youth is realistically reflecting the vision of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, which seeks to unleash the capabilities and capabilities of the Qatari youth through the qualification, training and continuous development "media and leadership", thus opening wider horizons for their ideas, creativity and innovations.

A meaningful media career

The Media Center seeks to embrace the Qatari youth interested in all fields of media work and social media, to be their link to the right path in the service of the nation through a purposeful and professionally and ethically responsible media industry, whose main pillar is to raise the name of Qatar high in various media.

Our vision

The center should be a platform and a media platform for the Qatari youth.

Our message

"Promoting Islamic and Arab culture and working to create creative pioneers through a range of initiatives, programs, media coverage, mass events, training workshops and the provision of outstanding media services in cooperation with all groups of individuals and institutions."


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