The first university media forum

23-25 Sept 2019

Speech of Dr. Hamad Al Fayad

Executive Director of the Youth Media Center

The Media Center for Youth does not hesitate to support distinguished youth initiatives and provide an interactive incubator and a live platform for their ideas and creativity, and the formation of a link linking young people with stakeholders to serve them, and to achieve these goals, organizes the “First Media University Forum” in cooperation and partnership with many institutions, most notably “Katara” From universities, a number of youth centers of the Ministry of Culture and Sports under the slogan “safe space”.

In line with the UN’s call for International Youth Day to create safe spaces for young people to meet, participate in activities related to their diverse needs and interests, as well as participate in decision-making processes and express themselves freely. The field of expression and freedom of opinion through electronic platforms and new media.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of the recipient, the participation of the majority of media institutions in the country is visible, audible and readable in its activities, where specific places have been allocated for each media institution to provide information to visitors, as well as some institutions provide interactive workshops with the audience of the media training, allowing participants to identify opportunities in The field of information in the State as well as the learning opportunities and possibilities provided by the State for those wishing to start in this area.

We also made sure that the forum, in addition to distinguished local participation, attracts a number of experts in the field of media in the Arab and international, where experts from Kuwait and Oman, as well as the participation of a number of international institutions, including the International Center for Journalists and Microsoft and ArabNet Forum, and deals with the Internet And creative digital sectors.

The Forum also benefits from the existence of a database of young media professionals at the Center to support their projects and ideas, which were formed through a number of events that have already been established, such as “Future Media”, the Dorp Media Initiative, and others, yet this Forum is a new nucleus for all university youth and others to join The forum is a platform for training, ideas and dialogue between all. If we find an initiative that promotes new media ideas, the center will adopt it.


23 September 2019

Participants The first university media forum

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